The Current State of Risk Online

The landscape of online Risk playing sites is constantly changing. It seems that every month there is a new entrant to the mix and another one is committed to the rubbish bin. It can be hard to keep up with so I am going to run down the current start of Risk online with my own analysis. All figures are accurate to February, 21, 2011.

Active Members for Selected Sites.  Total active users: about 25K web based +63K+ on XBLA.

  • 21,650 Active Users (25,475 Active Games  / 5,028 Open Games)- Conquerclub.   The ol Rock has maintained a steady active base of around 20K for a long time.  I don’t see these numbers moving very much any time soon. 504,920 Total Registered Users.
  • 1011 Active Users (355 Active Games / 96 Open Games) MajorCommand. Total active users has been capped at around 1,000 for months and the site is invite only.  Site activity seems healthy and should increase rapidly when the restriction is lifted.  Unknown total users (2-3k?).
  • 758 Active Users (Unknown Active Games /13 Open Games) WarGear.  There is a steady flow of new players but retention may be a problem.  Activity levels seem steady.  Charts can be found here. 7,866 Total Registered Users.
  • 2,804 Active Users (2,799 Active Games) - LandGrab.  I haven’t been keeping a close eye on this one but there appears to be a steady flow of users.  64,610 Total Registered Users
  • 256 Active Users (Unknown Active Games / 6 Open Games) Dominating12.  A small community possibly with retention problems.  2900? Total Registered Users

There are other sites out there that have small communities or dying communities that are not listed.  Additionally there are many Risk-like iphone and ipad apps that have download numbers in the thousands.  Risk: Factions, the console adaptation from EA for the XBLA attained 63,000+ downloads in the first half of 2010.

New Entrants:

  • MajorCommand - A very promising site that has been in beta for over 6 months now.  Definitely the one to watch for 2011.
  • Victors United - Just popped on the radar and in early beta.  With a talented team and modern design, this could be a contender.
  • Dominating12 - In development for 18 months now, its unclear whether it can survive.  Low players and project fatigue may kill off its small community.
  • ArtofWar - Also in development for 18 months, unfocused development and lack of players may kill this site as well.


The Risk playing field is strong and major productions by EA and Hasbro reinforce that there is a viable Market.  There is room for growth in the web and device sector and I expect to see some new entrants grow strongly there.  The current landscape of established sites is only getting older and less user friendly as web standards and expectations change.  I suspect that were will be a slow exodus from these sites as the landscape becomes more varied and competitive.

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Play Risk Online: Top 10


The largest community out there, this slumbering giant is fun to play but could use a little developer attention.

Relatively new, this site brings a fresh interface and some interesting features. Some more users and goods maps are needed.

Packed to the gills with features, can be entertaining if you can deal with the bloat and clumsy interface.

ATTACK! (Facebook)

Fast and easy, ATTACK! is great for a 20 minute game of Risk, and not much else.

Grand Strategy

Lots of potential and innovation, but the tumbleweeds make it a lonely place to game.

An attractive looking site but lacks features and a community.


Decent interface, but a bit too commercial and lacking in flavor.

A small community and some decent maps are weakened by a ton of ads and banners.

A failed mix of Risk and new age philosophy with a cult mindset.

A hideous site loaded with spam and ads. No features, no community.

Risk Game Is the most classic strategy board game of all time. If you are looking to play Risk online, you are in the right place. Millions of fans can remember heated diplomacy and rolling dice into the early morning. But sometimes that's not possible, so playing online can really take the Risk experience to the next level.

I have been playing the board game for 30 years but wanted something more. Also I couldn't gather my friends around the table every week, so I needed some online players. If you type in "play risk online" into any search engine you are presented with tons of options. But joining a community and figuring out a site's interface can be time consuming process.

So I am here to simplify it for you.

I have joined every variant of Risk clone out there, looking for the best experience, the best community and the most fun.

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