I am Dennis Gern, a board game enthusiast and collector for 30 years.  I started playing Risk when I was in college with some of my dorm mates and have been hooked since.  I own most of the variations and editions up until the last few years.  I started playing Risk online a few years ago and have since been hooked.  The rule variation and competition available is a great way to experiment and extend the experience.

I started PlayRiskOnline.net in order to catalog and review all the different Risk playing sites that seemed to be popping up all the time.  My hope is that players do not have to waste their time with inferior sites and that site owners can use the ratings to improve their sites.

I plan to review every Risk playing site I come across and periodically re-review these sites to see if there is improvement.  If you would like a re-review, just let me know.

You can contact me at [email protected]

2 Responses to “About”

  1. DKLarsen says:

    Hello. I am a fellow Risk game enthusiast and I am playing online everyday. Most online browser Risk games are really bad, but there are some that makes life a little more fun. Conquerclub.com is my 2nd choice, strategygamenetwork.com is my 3rd choice, dont have a 4th because they all suck, but the reason im writting you is because you dont seem to have my 1st choice on your list. Generalsgambit.com is no1, mostly because you can use the mouse to put men, attack, fortify etc. No more scroll down menu boxes if you know what i mean. I hope you will include generalsgambit.com in your list, because we need more players there and it could use the exposure so other Risk fans can find their way to this easy to use fully mouse controlled ADD FREE Risk browser online game. Thank you.

  2. Daniel says:


    Just to let you know that I had a quick look at the fellowship of luca website, and they have a second map, africa, so some development since your review.



Play Risk Online Top 8



Still in beta, this online risk site has some great features and an active community.


The largest community out there, this slumbering giant is fun to play but could use a little developer attention.


Packed to the gills with features, LandGrab.net can be entertaining if you can navigate its cumbersome interface.


Now in 1.0, this Risk site brings a quick interface and some interesting features. Some more users and quality maps are needed.

Dominating Twelve

New on the online Risk block, small and growing. D12 has some cool features and a clean experience.


A small community and some decent maps are weakened by a ton of ads and banners.


A failed mix of Risk and new age philosophy with a cult mindset.


A hideous site loaded with spam and ads. No features, no community.

Risk Game Is the most classic strategy board game of all time. If you are looking to play Risk online, you are in the right place. Millions of fans can remember heated diplomacy and rolling dice into the early morning. But sometimes that's not possible, so playing online can really take the Risk experience to the next level.

Playing online risk can be a great or terrible experience depending on where you play. I learned this the hard way. So I set out to catalog and review every online risk site out there. Community, graphics and fun are important so take look at the below reviews and decide which is best for you.