5 Tips to Play Risk Online

play risk onlinePlaying Risk online is quite a different experience than what many people are used to. Risk fans often grow up playing with their friends and family around the dining room table, where conversation is encouraged. However the online experience can offer many rewards and an enjoyable game, but there are a few precautions.

1. There are numerous places to play Risk online, some of them offer a rich experience, but many are poorly designed and not worth the time it takes to get started. You can find reviews and ratings to most of the Risk playing sites at Play Risk Online. Keep in mind, each site has different benefits which are suited to different types of players.

2. While playing online, there is a great chance that you will never see your opponent in real life or even online again. This can lead to some abusive behavior, especially if the game does not go one players way. Try to ignore or disregard rude remarks and if possible, leave feed back or ban that player from playing with you again.

3. Diplomacy is a huge part of table-top Risk. Negotiating, or strong arming your friends is a key to success. In online Risk, diplomacy isn’t as important since some sites lack the ability to communicate with other players. Also it is much easier to break a diplomatic agreement with your friends than it is with a stranger online. Try not to rely on diplomatic agreements unless they can be enforced

4. Traditional games of Risk would last hours, often well into the night. This is certainly not possible for many people which is why they turn to playing online. Most sites have a system where a player takes one turn, then another player has 12-24 hours to take their turn etc. This can lead to a player taking only 1 turn per day, or ever 2-3 turns per week. While this may seem agonizingly slow, players often have more than one game going at once, and turns can be taking in a few minutes over morning coffee. Some sites offer real time play, but be prepared to reserve a chunk of time if you need it.

5. Playing Risk online will often lead to a broader strategy gaming experience as many sites have new maps and features that do not exist with the table top version. It is often best to get comfortable with the classic game board and default rules before engaging with some of the new and innovative features. Keep in mind that many players have mastered some of the expert features and playing against a new player with little to no experience will almost certainly result in a loss.

Playing Risk online can be quite fun and a good extension for adults who loved the game when they were younger but are too busy to sit down for hours a night. Follow the 5 rules above and you will be having a great and rewarding experience in no time.

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Play Risk Online: Top 10



The largest community out there, this slumbering giant is fun to play but could use a little developer attention.


Relatively new, this site brings a fresh interface and some interesting features. Some more users and goods maps are needed.


Packed to the gills with features, LandGrab.net can be entertaining if you can deal with the bloat and clumsy interface.

ATTACK! (Facebook)

Fast and easy, ATTACK! is great for a 20 minute game of Risk, and not much else.

Grand Strategy

Lots of potential and innovation, but the tumbleweeds make it a lonely place to game.


An attractive looking site but lacks features and a community.


Decent interface, but a bit too commercial and lacking in flavor.


A small community and some decent maps are weakened by a ton of ads and banners.


A failed mix of Risk and new age philosophy with a cult mindset.


A hideous site loaded with spam and ads. No features, no community.

Risk Game Is the most classic strategy board game of all time. If you are looking to play Risk online, you are in the right place. Millions of fans can remember heated diplomacy and rolling dice into the early morning. But sometimes that's not possible, so playing online can really take the Risk experience to the next level.

I have been playing the board game for 30 years but wanted something more. Also I couldn't gather my friends around the table every week, so I needed some online players. If you type in "play risk online" into any search engine you are presented with tons of options. But joining a community and figuring out a site's interface can be time consuming process.

So I am here to simplify it for you.

I have joined every variant of Risk clone out there, looking for the best experience, the best community and the most fun.

The quality of the Risk clones out there ranges from good to terrible, so I have rated 5 important aspects of all these sites and compiled them into one meta score.

Take a look and see which Risk site would be best for you.